Tree removal service is our most commonly performed job.  It is unfortunate when a tree needs to be removed, but there are very legitimate reasons for doing so.  These reasons include: creating landscape problems, such as not being able to grow grass; storm damage causing the tree to look unsightly and maybe even being a hazard; becoming overgrown, especially when originally planted too close to a property structure; creating problems with underground utilities; and, natural decay and death.  While no one likes to cut down a tree, as the list above attests too, it can be very necessary.  

Call Personal Tree Care to perform this job efficiently, safely, and affordably.


Tree removal always starts with a free, on-site assessment of the tree (or trees) to be cut down.  During this assessment, our assessor can evaluate the removals level of complexity due to size, age, access, and location to property structures and power lines.   At the end of our visit, we will give you a written quote.  

Using our quote, you can then easily compare and contrast our estimate with any other tree service  you may be considering.   With that said, we trust you will find our quote and level of customer service to be the best in the Atlanta area.