Tree stump removal and grinding is often the natural next step after tree removal service.  Most home or business owners decide not to be left with a decaying stump in their landscape and lawn.  Stumps are not only unappealing but also offer harbor for vermin and insects.  Call Personal Tree Care LLC to have those unsightly stumps removed or ground from your property so that you are left with a pristine area to re-landscape.

Stump grinding is the typical method to remove a tree stump in your landscape.  The grinding process, using a piece of equipment called a stump grinder, grinds the tree stump below the surface of the ground.  Usually, tree stump grinders grind a stump down to 10 to 12 inches below the ground so that you can re-plant grass sod, seed, or other landscape material.  Alternatively, stump removal is a process of digging the tree stump and surface roots entirely out of the ground.  Generally speaking, tree stump removal is not necessary unless construction work is required that necessitates the stump to be removed completely.  Tree stump grinding is what 95% of our customers opt for.


Tree stumps can vary on their complexity to grind. With that said, any stump can be ground given the appropriate amount of time, skill, and quality equipment.  The tree stump’s age, location, species of tree, and the size of the stump are all variables as to the amount of effort and time it takes to properly grind it.  New hardwood tree stumps are the hardest to grind while older softwood tree stumps are much easier.  Irrespective of these factors, Personal Tree Care LLC can grind any size tree stump quickly and affordably.  Our secret, although not really a secret, is quality equipment, expertise, and experience.  Modern stump grinding equipment, properly maintained, is very efficient in removing stumps if properly operated.  We only use the best equipment from Morbark and Vermeer to grind tree stumps, often completing most jobs within two hours of arriving at your property.   Make sure you are only considering a tree service company that uses the best tree stump grinding equipment.